Full Service Healthcare Provider

We offer concierge medical services to fit both your personal lifestyle and your unique medical needs.

Our passion is serving each patient in a way that meets his or her unique needs and schedule. Find out how Gulfshore Concierge Medicine can help with your health and wellness in a way that fits your lifestyle.

Preferred Appointment Availability

  • 24/7 medical care
  • Extended appointment times
  • Appointments with no wait time
  • Same day/next day appointments

Convenient Services

  • Assistance in handling medical needs while traveling
  • Access to Gulfshore Concierge Medicine web content
  • Exclusive health related newsletters and lectures
  • Comprehensive coordination for all prescriptions, labs, radiology and follow up work

Office Procedures

  • Immunizations
  • Electrocardiograms
  • In-office lab testing
  • Coordination of additional services

Benefits of Concierge Medicine

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    For VIP Care

    24/7 access to care, with little or no wait times and exceptional service.

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    For Wellness

    We think of your total health care and offer complimentary exercise and nutrition classes.

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    For Hospital Stays

    At your most vulnerable, we are right beside you to oversee your care.

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    For Busy Professionals

    We know your time is valuable and can work with your schedule to optimize efficiency.

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    For Travelers

    From your pre-travel health checks to coordination of care overseas, we are there for you.

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    For Full Service Healthcare

    Including immunizations, EKGs, lab draws, and thorough exams.

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    For Rheumatology Needs

    Joint pain, back and muscle pain, we have expertise to treat you.

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    For Your Family

    Convenient healthcare for your family, all in one place.

Gulfshore Concierge Medicine Services

A membership with Gulfshore Concierge Medicine gives you access to the personalized care and specialized services.

Musculoskeletal Services

Evaluation of Rheumatologic Conditions

Rheumatologists are often called the doctors’ doctor, as they are often consulted by other physicians to help evaluate and diagnose unusual or difficult medical cases.

Review Bone Density

A Bone mineral density test can diagnose osteopenia and osteoporosis, which imply weakened bones and increased risk for fracture.

Joint Injections/Aspirations

Joint injections and aspirations often used to help diagnose the cause of joint pain, or to help relieve pain and improve function.

Wellness Services

Exercise Classes

Nutritional Classses

Medical Seminars

Yoga, strength, and balance classes led by professionals in our office. 

We offer complimentary exercises classes in the convenience of our office.  Yoga, conditioning, meditation and tai chi classes led by professionals.  These exercise classes compliment our approach to wellness by focusing on stretching, core strength, balance as well as reducing stress.  For a Calendar of our monthly health and wellness classes, please let us know.”

Nutrition education led by registered dietitian in our office. 

Nutrition education led by a registered dietician in our office. Nutrition classes cover these topics: Healthy Eating on the Go, Nutrition and Disease Prevention, Be Supermarket Savvy, Maintaining healthy blood sugar, Dispelling Nutrition Myths, Healthy Eating for Outdoor Events, All about Chocolate, The Goodness of Grains (quinoa, barley, etc), Understanding Healthy fats, Healthy Holiday Eating, and much more.

Current and important medical presentations led by physicians in our office.

Current and important medical presentations led by physicians in our office.  Topics include: Heart Health, Back Pain, Supplements, Super Foods, Osteoporosis, Blue Zones, Back Pain and Golfing, Immunizations, Hot Topics in Medicine and much more.”


Over 96% of patients surveyed marked “Highly Satisfied” for:

  • The amount of time the doctor spends with them
  • The amount of information and quality of answers to their medical questions.

And over 96% said they are “VERY Likely” to recommend Gulfshore Concierge Medicine to a friend or colleague.

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