What are patients saying about Gulfshore Concierge Medicine?


Over 96% of patients surveyed marked “Highly Satisfied” for:

  • The amount of time the doctor spends with them
  • The amount of information and quality of answers to their medical questions.

And over 96% said they are “VERY Likely” to recommend Gulfshore Concierge Medicine to a friend or colleague.

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``I just love Dr.Becker! She is such a good listener and so thorough and current in her knowledge base. I have referred patients to her because of this.``

- Margaret M.

I’m a doctor and I’m also a patient with multiple, complex medical issues including coronary artery disease, hypertension, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and most recently pneumonia and congestive heart failure.

Dr. Zuercher has all of these problems under control. In my latest annual routine comprehensive check-up at Mayo Clinic, Rochester Minnesota, I was impressed but not surprised to know that the world leaders in medicine were in full agreement with Dr. Zuercher’s diagnoses and management of my case.

Dr. Zuercher is very thorough and very methodical and doesn’t rest until he establishes the diagnosis then recommends the appropriate management. He has saved my life more than one time. Dr. Zuercher is the epitome of care, kindness, compassion and competence and I am fortunate to have him as my doctor and as my friend.

– Dr Mikhail

“I am extremely grateful to Dr. Hochman for being proactive and getting me in to see the cardiologist so quickly, it may well have saved my life.  …  We certainly feel good about our decision to put our health in Dr. Hochman’s care.”

– Steven T.

Dr. Becker came to our rescue and most definitely went above and beyond her “call to duty” by adding a voice of calm, clarifying issues and orders which might otherwise have been confusing and exercising endless patience with both patient and surrogate.

Dr. Becker knew how to thread the multiple hospitals and Doctors and was able to get my cherished Uncle into the hands of extremely capable and well-qualified health care specialists. She followed up on things each step of the way making certain no stone was left unturned and that my Uncle was comfortable with how his “case” was being handled. He recovered beautifully and months later returned to his summer home. Meanwhile, Dr. Becker continued to ask about his welfare and show her concern by checking on his overall health issues.

Rarely do physicians in today’s world of medicine spend as much time and effort as Dr. Becker and her staff spent with my Uncle. I will forever be grateful for her input, her hospital visits, and her oversight. I am equally grateful for the myriad appointments facilitated by Dr. Becker’s office staff.

Frankly, I am not quite sure what I would have done without the aid of these wonderful people. I hope I never have to find out! Thank You for both moral support and medical expertise!

– Pamela

``I am comfortable that I am on the right path and happy to be almost completely free of joint pain, thanks to Dr. Hochman. He is hearing me say I would prefer as little medicine as possible always. Keeping it simple and effective and safe.``

- Anonymous

“Dr Hochman is a brilliant and dedicated man. His approach to Medicine is to make a difference in the long term health of his patients. He provides us with the guidance and tools to make good choices for our health.”

– Aida K.

What a breath of fresh air. Now I feel organized about the myriad of problems I have. Dr Zuercher is positive, friendly and very knowledgeable.

– Mike B.

We just love Dr Zuercher! He’s so totally thorough and really listens and tunes into what we are saying. He’s done a great job and has a great sense of humor that matches mine!

– David and Charlotte W.

``Everyone connected with the practice goes out of their way to insure that patients are informed, comfortable and cared about at each interaction. Classes and the opportunity for one on one interaction prove that there is a true commitment to patient wellness.``

- Anonymous

“We have easily been able to see Dr. Hochman when needed.  His staff and Dr. Hochman are punctual and pleasant. Phone calls are promptly handled, and same day appointments are never a problem.  At each visit Dr. Hochman is thorough, detailed in his discussion and affords us the time to ask questions of him.  And lastly we have enjoyed the new Gulfshore Concierge Medicine offices.  We highly recommend Gulfshore Concierge Medicine.”

– Craig C.

Being under Dr Zuercher’s care I have learned he exemplifies all that is important in a personal physician.  He listens, answers questions fully and is always available.  We have quickly developed a trusting doctor-patient relationship.

– Ned O.

``I have been a patient of Doctor Hochman's for several years. He has helped me through a complex set of issues.

Over the past year my medical issues became even more complex and he has been brilliant and caring in helping me. He returns my calls within a day and I can get in to see him when needed. I was hospitalized for an emergency one Sunday night and he was by my bedside. He has also helped me find specialists in Naples who are also excellent. His staff, Carla and Scott are also wonderful and always there when you need them.

I can't say enough about how pleased I am with Doctor Hochman's practice. And I am in a much improved medical state. Thank you Doctor Hochman and team!``

- Mary P.

“Everyone at Gulfshore Concierge Medicine, Doctors and Support Professionals, are there for Betty and I. At our home base, I am a board member, (admittedly emeritus), of a billion dollar health care facility and have many physicians that are personal friends. I am most comfortable in Florida for medical care because of GCM … we can always see a doctor right away when we have a need. Our Doctor is Dr. Michelle Becker and she is like family but everyone there works for us. It’s a great feeling. If we need a specialist, GCM makes it happen right away and it is someone exceptional. Thank you so much for making us feel so secure with what your practice is all about.”

– Jay & Betty V.

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